When Everything Goes Wrong and Ends Up Absolutely Right

When nothing goes according to the plan, it could mean the best moments in life are about to happen. Ruined plans move our boundaries of the possible and encourage us to get closer to them. In my case a series of unpredictable circumstances had brought me to hitchhike all across Canada and Alaska.

When I applied for study exchange year in Australia I was told I could go there only for one semester and I was offered to spend a second semester somewhere else. I was so shocked that I refused. My mom asked me if I was stupid enough to miss such opportunity. So I called back and changed my decision.

After sunny Australia I was hoping for California but instead I was placed in some small town in Canada I’ve never heard of before. Kamloops. I was very, very, very disappointed but somewhere deep inside I knew it will be great too. After all it’s an exchange, those are always great.

I planned to prolong my stay in Canada to get a summer job after the semester is over.  Long story short, until the end of the semester I didn’t manage to get a work permit. I had some savings but that surely wouldn’t had been enough without any further income even on a tight budget. To spend it on rescheduling my flight back wasn’t an option.

Two of my friends had been planning an epic journey through Canada to Alaska for several months. Despite loving that idea I’d been sticking to my plans until then. This journey was gonna be ultimately low-cost and guarantee of the true adventure at the same time. The guys agreed to take me with them. Learning what it was gonna be about I got scared and doubtful. While getting ready I still wasn’t sure if I can make it….And then, on this day last year, it all started.


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