From Dirty Vagabond to Honored Guest

Right after we began our journey we got surprised by a wave of great hospitality which luckily followed us for the rest of it. Most of the credit for this goes to hitchhiking although, Couchsurfing and casual talks played an important role too. Thanks to all those people who we met and who opened their lives to us we got the best experiences and great memories.

From dirty vagabonds on the side of the road we became honored guests having delicious meals with our hosts and doing activities we would never even come across considering how low-cost was our travelling. We were not only invited in peoples homes but in peoples lives.

We were having great times together. Despite knowing each other so briefly there was some kind if incredible ‘soulmate’ connection I can’t even explain. It was often mutual as they too enjoyed our company in a way that goodbyes were sometimes really difficult.

Usually I felt bad because I couldn’t give anything back to them. But they didn’t expect that. There was no way to thank them properly. There is only one way: now it’s my turn to give back to the others who might need help.


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