I’m Andrea and my two biggest hobbies define me the best: sports and travelling. I need to be constantly on the move. I can’t stay still. I enjoy doing almost any kind of sports including the IMG_4837extreme ones. I seek for an adventure to add to my life voltage and a bit of tension.

It’s all about motion and that’s where PERPETRAVEL comes from – perpetuum mobile turned into travelling.

As a student I’m taking advantage of various exchange programs which took me to England, Australia, Canada, and Indonesia. Apart from these trips I travel to explore on my own as well, always with my camera handy so I can share my adventures.

It seems a bit strange to finally start a blog like this when I kinda think that this might be my last big travel adventure before settling down and becoming “responsible”. But who knows? Maybe it’s a hope, maybe it’s a wish, maybe it’s a new beginning…